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Frequently asked Questions about Servas

How long does it take to join Servas?
Typically it takes about 4 weeks from the first enquiry to being approved.

Where is my nearest Regional Coordinator?
There are four Regional Coordinators covering: Auckland/Northland, the central North Is, the lower North Is and the South Island.  Contact can be made through the Contacts page.

Do I have to be a host if I want to join as a traveller?
You must become a member as either a Host or Friend before before becoming a traveller - see the Joining Servas tab above.

Can you join Servas as a visitor to New Zealand or when travelling overseas?
Yes, but in New Zealand you need to be interviewed by one of the Regional Coordinators or the National Secretary. Similar processes will apply overseas.

Does Servas International have a website?
Yes ‑ www.servas.org

Contact Details  for the National Secretaries:
E‑Mail: National Secretaries
Postal: Servas New Zealand
            PO Box 67‑040,
            AUCKLAND 1349