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    Northland has an early and varied history and still experiences cultural and geographic  isolation.  Its diverse landscape with a semi-Mediterranean climate has resulted in a uniquely relaxed atmosphere, attracting a varied population which is about 40% Maori.  Northland is known for friendly hospitality, arts and crafts, organic farming and alternative life styles. 
    In the extreme north lies Cape Reinga, the mythological departing place for the spirits of the dead after their journey along Ninety Mile Beach.  More of the origins of Maori / European contacts are found in Northland than in any other place.  Place names commemorate great navigators such as  Kupe, Tasman, de Surville and Cook; sites of ancient pa and marae; old mission stations; battlegrounds; kauri gum digging; Dalmatian and other early settlers.
    The Treaty of Waitangi was signed at Waitangi on 6 February 1840,.  This treaty declared the  rights of Maori under the protection of the British Crown.  Information centres at Waitangi and  Russell will tell you much about this and other events in Northland 's past. 
    The mild climate, incomparable coastline (often un-peopled), many kauri forests such as the Waipoua Forest and marine  reserves, especially the reserve of the Rainbow Warrior at Matauri  Bay, and walkways, make this restful holiday country.  Hosts in Northland offer you physical as well as spiritual peace.

Northlands Official Tourism Website - http://www.northlandnz.com/