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     The Taranaki region is majestically dominated by Mount Taranaki, reaching out to the coast.  In thirty minutes one can travel from mountain forests through rich agricultural lands to lovely  beaches of surf and black sand.  This area has many old pa sites to explore and beautiful Maori crafts to view but also huge energy projects, world leaders in their fields, that have been developed in this oil-rich area.  Sports and recreation suit everyone; short walks, long tramps, water sports,  fishing, hunting and golf. 
     Visit the internationally renowned NZ Association Rhododendron Gardens blended with the natural  beauty of forests and hills.  Whether you stay in a town, or wish to experience  life on a farm, you will find your visit very rewarding.
Parihaka is a small community in Taranaki region, New Zealand, located between Mount Taranaki and the Tasman Sea. In the 1870s and 1880s the settlement, then reputed to be the largest Māori village in New Zealand, became the centre of a major campaign of non-violent resistance to European occupation of confiscated land in the area. The Parihaka International Peace Festival has been held there in January most years since 2006.

Check out  http://www.taranaki.co.nz/