Tips and Tricks for Vancouver Island

I was lucky enough to spend ten days on Vancouver Island back in August last year – so still in the Canadian Summer. Thanks to Servas and their cool, friendly and ‘out there’ hosts I had a wonderful time. From visiting Tofino -a west coast beach resort on the island -spotting black beer, cute otters sunbathing on the surface of the water, to whales and hanging out in natural hot springs.

Finishing the day off with Servas hosts around a camp fire, toasting marshmallows and singing songs. My other hosts on the east coast of the island, took me to all sorts of cool places,

from recycling centres to buy bits and bobs for their houses, swimming at nearby beaches, to riding a bike (for the first time in decades) to lighthouses just out of Victoria (the capital of British Columbia). Oh and not forgetting the coolest Servas place, right on the coast, looking out over the ocean to the bright lights of Seattle in the distance.

Much more to add, but have to keep the word count down, so in a nutshell all four sets of hosts were fabulous, easy to talk with, took me to all their local haunts and made me feel so welcome, I didn’t want to leave.

Virginia I-J, Auckland